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Chokepichai (Tony) Harnsongkram

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From Walter "Wally" McTernan- '72, "D" Company via General Lertrat "Rut" Ratanavanich- '70, "H" Company

Tony Harnsongkram- Band Company, has passed away. Tony, origionally from Bangkok, Thailand, served in the Royal Thai Army for several years before he resigned his commission to become a 747 pilot with Thai International Airways. He is survived by his wife, Danielle, daughter, Tiffany, and his grandmother-in-law, Grand-mere. Tony's Dad was a Field Marshall in the Royal Thai Army.

Editor's Note: Tony was a Modern Languages major. He was a Corporal, S/Sgt, and 1st LT in Band Company. He played soccer, was on the Brigadier Staff, The Ring and Inviations Committee, Beach House Committee, Dean's List, Gold Stars, Royal Thai Armed Forces Scholarship, Parachute Club, Block "C" Club, and the Commander's Distinguished Service List.