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The Class of 70 Junior Sword Drill

  • John Childress- Commander
  • John Potter- Voice
  • Tom Grant
  • Jim Correia
  • Mo Appleton
  • Doug Chadwick
  • John I. Moore
  • Ernie Seel
  • Sonny Nunbhakdi
  • John (Norris) Brown
  • Skip Ebert
  • Bill Nash
  • Mike Freeman
  • Jim Lathren

    The Class of 70 Summerall Guards

  • Ira Rapp- Commander
  • Merle Ebert- 1st Sergeant
  • Pete Simler- Supply Sergeant
  • John Barron- Front Guide
  • Ted Bell- Rear Guide
  • Richard Allen, Buddy Allen, Bill Bates, Don Blackmon, John Brailsford
  • Randy Cantrell, Frank Collins, Herb Drake, Jeff Erickson, Binks Franklin
  • Hoot Gibson, Rod Hairfield, Rusty Hanna, Joe Heidt, Marsh Helena
  • Craig Hill, Bill Hopkins, Bo Jenkins, Merle Klett, Terry Kneen
  • Charles Knowlton, Jim Lathren, Jim Little, B.T. Marking, John Masters
  • Tony Maupin, English McCutchen, Ralph McKenna, David Mengle, John I. Moore
  • Gerald Morgan, Bill Morgan, Bob Odom, Pete Onoszko, Dave Parker
  • Eddie Parker, Les Pittman, Andy Roche, Carl Roundtree, Dub Scroggin
  • Steve Seeley, John Silas, Kent Smith, Lincoln Spainhour, Steve Spencer
  • Bill Strong, Clay Swenson, Roger Tisdale, Stan Townsend, Harold Tripp
  • Paul Uehlinger, Steve Wildman, John Willingham, Woody Woodside

    Colonel John S. Childress, ANG, receives The Arland D. Williams Award

    John received The Arland D. Williams Award postumously during the Homecoming parade on Saturday, November 10, 2001. The award is presented for community service. John stayed with his failing airplane in order to guide it away from populated areas before it crashed. What a fitting tribute to such an outstanding Citadel graduate! Below is the text that was used during the presentation.

    John S. Childress, The Citadel Class of 1970, is recognized by The Citadel Alumni Association and The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, for having made the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow man.

    John Childress died in a jet aircraft accident June 18, 1998, in Manchester, NH, while attempting to avoid having his crippled aircraft slam into a heavily populated area around the airport. John piloted his aircraft into the only empty plot of land in the immediate area, thus avoiding nearby businesses, a school, homes, and highway traffic. He ejected from the aircraft immediately prior to impact, but died when his parachute failed to fully deploy. John Childress died so others could live. The National Safety Transportation Board summed up John's actions as "an extreme act of courage". Other aviation experts agreed that John Childress "lost his life to save others" by delaying ejection until the last instant to keep the jet from slamming into populated areas. Among his immediate friends, the collective thought was that this action is exactly what they thought John would take in a situation like this.

    John Childress, a Citadel man, devoted husband and father, a model of how a life should be lived, set an example of bravery difficult to match. Just like Arland D. Williams, John thought of others first and made the ultimate sacrifice. This is the highest form of community service, when one sacrifices his life so that others may live. John Childress is hereby inducted into the Arland D. Williams Society.

    Class of 70 Athletic Hall of Fame Members

    John Wood- "I" Company/Regimental Staff- Wrestling- Hall of Fame Class of 2009

    John was the first recipient of a full scholarship for wrestling at the Citadel. He had a spectacular 78-4 career record in the 123- pound weight class. He qualified as a sophomore and junior for the NCAA Tournament and was named the Southern Conference's Most Outstanding Wrestler in 1969. John never lost a home match. He twice qualified for the Olympic tryouts, twice won the Southern Open, the Georgia Tech Open, First Colonies Tournament, and twice won AAU Tournaments. John served on the Regimental Staff as a Captain, was a Dean's List student, listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities and was a Distinguished Military Student. John was the Wrestling team Captain his senior year.

    John went on to get his Master's Degree from the University of North Carolina and then begin a long and successful teaching and coaching career at the North Carolina School for the Blind in Raleigh where he won 25 of 28 Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind championships. He officiated in numerous amateur wrestling tournaments in NC for 25 years. In 2008 he was inducted into the North Carolina Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

    Anthony J. Passander- "A" Company- Football- Hall of Fame Class 1984

    Tony Passander set a number of school records as starting quarterback from 1967 to 1969...most touchdowns- 22, top passer for three straight years, and ranks among the top 10 on the Citadel's career passing charts (3,109 yards) and in total offense (3,552 yards). He also had four 200 plus yard games. After graduation, Tony played professionally for the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football league.

    John K. Small- "A" Company- Football- Hall of Fame Class 1977 ( Inaugural Class)

    John was a linebacker for the 1967 to 1969 teams and earned All-Southern Conference honors as a sophomore and a senior and was selected Second-team Associated Press All-American. As a senior, John captained the team. He was also named All-American by The Sporting News and UPI. He played in the East-West Shrine Bowl, the 1970 College All-Star Game, and the 1970 Senior Bowl. John was a first-round draft pick in the NFL and was chosen by the Atlanta Falcons. He later played for the Detroit Lions. John was a 2nd Lt in "A" Company and also won the prestigous Palmetto Medal his senior year.

    Class of 70 Military General Officers

    Major General Sorason Nunbhakdi- "I" Company- Royal Thai Army

    Sonny was the Guidon Corporal, a S/Sgt, and 1st Lt in "I" Company. In addition to many school activities, he was on the Junior Sword Drill. After graduation, he became a "mover and shaker" in the Royal Thai Army. He worked for the Royal Thai Embassy, and, as a captain, was Company Commander in the Thai Royal Guard in Bangkok. He was assigned to the Office of the Deputy as Commander-in-Chief of the Army Operations Center in 1993. In 1997, he served in the Thai Royal Army Logistics Department and Internal Security Operations Command. Sonny passed away at a much too young an age on January 15, 1999.

    Brigadier General Harry B. Axson, Jr.- "T" Company/ 4th Battalion Staff- United States Army

    Harry was a corporal, S/Sgt, and 1st Lt in "T" Company and, as a senior, on the 4th Battalion Staff. He was very active in school activities. He was on the Junior Sword Drill Platoon.

    Harry and Marsh Helena- A Class of 1970 Mini-reunion at the desk of Manuel Moriega's desk- Panama City 1989.

    For a full accounting of Harry's extraordinary career click on his picture on the In Memoriam page.

    Major General Kenneth R. Bowra- "G" Company/Regimental Staff- United States Army

    Ken was a corporal, Sgt, and Captain in "G" Company and, as a senior, on the Regimental Staff. He was a Distinguished Military Student (DMS), and his senior year, Commander of the Ranger-Airborne Club. During his 33 year military career, Ken held many important positions of leadership. Just a few of the highlights are:

    • Special Forces reconnaissance team leader in MACV-SOG during the Vietnam conflict and advisor to Cambodian infantry units.
    • Bravo Company Commander, 2nd Battalion (Ranger), 75th Infantry.
    • Commander, 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).
    • Commander, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).
    • Service with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).
    • Commanding General, Special Operations Command South, U.S. Southern Command.
    • Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Special Operations Command.
    • Commanding General, U.S. Army Special Forces Command.
    • Commanding General, U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.
    • Deputy Commander, KFOR, NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR).
    • Assistant Chief of Staff/Operations Director, Allied Forces Northern Europe. Led the establishment NATO's first European forces into Afghanistan.

    After Ken's retirement from active duty, he continued to serve our country. He continues to be a senior mentor to our U.S Joint Service Command, was in the Security Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and was a member of the Standing Committee that is responsible for R & D for equipment for our Special Forces.

    Today, Ken is still hard at work being a senior Foreign Service Officer in the Department of State and serves at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he leads an interagency security effort.

    On December 16, 2011, Ken was inducted into the Special Forces Hall of Fame as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment.

    Class Novel/Book Authors

    Terry Kneen- "F" Troop: The Long Ago Memories of an Old F Troop Knob: Click here to read.

    Jeff Koob- "L Company: Two Years in Kingston Town

    Dennis Dunham- "O" Company: Alice Visits Heaven

    Tom Moore- "B" Company: No Villains, No Heroes

    Tom Moore- "B" Company: The Hunt for Confederate Gold

    Tom Moore- "B" Company: The Man Who Lost The Civil War

    Tom Moore- "B" Company: A Fatal Mercy

    B. Thomas (BT) Marking- "I" Company: Amendment XXIX

    George Olney- "D" Company: Frenchy, Frenchy II, and Guard at the Gates of Hell.

    Terry Kneen- "F" Troop: The Knobs of Discipline- One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy- Facts About The Class of 1970: Click here to read